SFS is an add-on system for new and existing sewage treatment plants and consist of 4 main components.

The method used to meet the TSS requirements is simple bag filtration technology, where all the solids are collected in a bag, ready for disposal in an incinerator or comes ashore.

The holding tank might not be necessary on all sewage plants, especially not newly developed plants, leaving more space in engine room.

Why the SFS?

Revised guidelines on the implementation of effluent standards and performance tests for onboard sewage treatment could make existing treatment plants incompatible and incompliant with the new rule, should they fail to pass new type approval processes.

One of the requirements all systems must meet, is the TSS - Total Suspended Solids - content in the effluent, mandated not to exceed 35mg/l.

Resolution MEPC 227(64) adopted by the Marine Environmental Protection Committee of the International Maritime Organisation in October 2012 entered into force In January 2016.



500 liter holding tank

Bag filtration housings

Hose pump

Electric cabinet


Mr Ragnar Vest has several years of experience with cleaning oily contamineated water and sludge, both on sea and land.


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