• ‚ÄčTotal and custom designed solution for treating contaminated bilge water and oily sludge
  • Save substantial amounts by treating bilge and oily sludge at the site rather than disposing it untreated
  • 0-5 ppm on outlet from oily contaminated water

What we do for our clients

Help to focus in order to obtain the most effective solution with their most complex bilge and oily sludge challenges and build tailored solutions to help achieve continuous results.

Help to decide where to focus in order to get the most effective solution and enhance the business and save substantial amounts by treating oily sludge prior to oily water separator

What our solutions are

Innovative and brave. Based on great knowledge of the industry. Reducing the water-content in oily sludge by 99%.

Processing heavy fuel drain water from 100 ppm to 0 ppm. Protects and conserves the marine environment. Reduces oil pollution from ships.