SDE is designed to automatically evaporate water out of oily sludge.

Oily Water Separators (OWS) have difficulties handling dirty drain water from sludge tank. Water content of 60-80% in oily sludge is common.

Focus is on clean water output and on a waste oil product with less than 3% water. Water outlet contains less than 5 ppm oil.

To achieve the intended purpose the method of evaporating under vacuum is used.  

If sludge is to be landed ashore without draining water out of it, vessels hold expenses for 100% of the volume. With SDE installed, landed sludge volume will be reduced by 60-80%.

Clean water is easily disposed through the OWS and waste oil can be sold significantly reducing the expenses for landing sludge. Reduces the water content in oily sludges by 99%. Processes up to 600L sludge per day.


SDE is a further development of the SDS, Sludge Dewatering Separator - initially developed upon request from a client wanting a total soloution to the sludge challenges.


1. Vacuum pump, 2. process tank and 3. CJC off-line filter.

Sludge is sucked from sludge tank to process chamber, where the media is evaporated and condensed in the vacuum pump. Hence it is pumped through off-line filter to clean bilge tank. An OMD is optional to ensure that water purity is optimal. Alarm limit can be adjusted between 5 and 15 ppm.


"The SDS is running perfectly 24/7. I'm very satisfied with the installation and the finish, and the way it's placed in the engine room. Also the plant is lifted up from the floor, so we can clean underneath it. Good work! We are doing some insulation on the pipe from the filter to the SDS, as there is too much heat loss. We are in Italy. The SDS takes directly from the small tanks underneath the separators. If I have any questions i will contact you. All the best."

Andrias Hansen
Chief Engineer on Mearsk Assister.


Mr Ragnar Vest has several years of experience with cleaning oily contamineated water and sludge, both on sea and land.


Ragnar Vest, CEO

Mobil: +298 22 55 87