Horizon 2020 phase 1 grant

27. December 2017

FMT is proud to announce a Phase 1-grant from the EU Horizon 2020 SME-grant scheme. FMT succeeded with the Phase 1-proposal for The Sludge Dewatering Evaporator (SDE).

In addition to our initial and fully commercialized solution Oil Conveyor (OC), FMT is currently testing and further developing the new system SDE, that will solve the challenges with oily contaminated water even better.

The ambition is to develop the SDE into a fully functional Oily Water Separator (OWS) that will replace the current OWS's.

Oil Conveyor sale and service

21. October 2017

FMT is selling OC and servicing the many ships with already installed OC in the domestic market and abroad. Efforts are carried out to widen the market, and FMT is currently applying for classification approval for the patented OC.

Extracts from testimonials:

"I couldn't believe my own eyes, the water in the keel was crystal clear" - Enniberg.
"Only after installation of OC engine crew really could run OWS" - Norrøna.
"OWS filter consumption has dropped drastically" - Western Monarch.

Management appointments

6. October 2017

RAGNAR VEST has been appointed CEO of Faroe Maritime Technic. Ragnar is a marine engineer and previously held the position as Service Manager in FMT. Ragnar's experiences in the shipping field include vessel manager for J.Lauritzen, sailing engineer at Polar Seafood Denmark as well as site superintendent for APM Maersk Supply Service.


KAJ JOENSEN, inventor and founder will take on the role as CTO. Kaj started FMT based on his work with the Oil Conveyor, which he developed based on his experiences dealing with oily contaminated bilge water as a Chief Engineer. The system pre-cleans contaminated bilge water before it's led overboard through the Oily Water Separator, OWS.

The promising results from the OC lead to a customer request for a system, which could dewater oily sludge in an environmentally friendly way. The result was the Sludge Dewatering Separator, SDS. Furthermore Kaj has developed an Automatic Water Drain system, AWD.


MARNER KJÆRBO-VEYHE will take on the role as Service Manager in FMT. Marner graduated as an AP Graduate in Service Engineering, Electrical and has work experience from Danish A&O Carstensen and PME El-Consultance. Marner has been with FMT for 4 years.

Oil Conveyor for Power Stations

1. mai 2015

Last week we installed an Oil Conveyor inside a buffer tank for contaminated water on the power stadion SEV on Sund. This is the main electrical supply in the Faroes.

Oil Conveyor skims the free oil from the surface and thereby precleans the bilge water prior to the Oily Water Separator, OWS. 

This is just another example of how the use of the Oil Conveyor on a land based power station can protect the environment.