AWD is used to reduce the water content in sludge prior to burning in an incinerator.

Water content of 80-90% in oily sludge mixture from purifyers and bilge drains consists of up to 80-90% of water. Incinerator burns well up to 20-30% of water, higher content of water makes the incinerator inefficient.

AWD removes up to 80-90% off free water from the sludge. A safe Automatic Drain Process gives a low risk of draining oil to the bilge system. A small investment, easy to install on incinerator settling tank.

A gravitational settling device and a oil detection system separates free water from sludge and ensures that if some oil is directed with the water, oil detection system stops the drain process.

Focus has been on a cost effective soloution to separate water out of sludge. No focus on the quality of the water, OWS and/or bildge water separators will treat the water further.



PAY BACK TIME of 2 months.

Acquiring cost of 55 kDKK per solution.

Sludge disposal price of 250 UDD/tons.

Yearly saving of 350 kDKK.



Mr Ragnar Vest has several years of experience with cleaning oily contamineated water and sludge, both on sea and land.


Ragnar Vest, CEO

Mobil: +298 22 55 87