About us
FMT was founded in 2008 by chief engineer Kaj Joensen, that in his many years at sea experienced significant challenges with contaminated bilge water and waste oils. A major problem was getting the OWS.
Kaj developed a solution to solve the problem, and this invention resulted in the patented Oil Conveyor, which is now installed on board several ships around the world. As a result of good references, AP Moeller Maersk asked for a solution, that was able to handle the large amount of water in various sludge types.
R&D resulted in the Sludge Dewatering Separator, SDS, that boils water out of the sludge in a very environmental friendly way. Both APM and other shipowners have acquired different SDS-systems from FMT. SDS gives the owners an average sludge reduction of 60-70%. At the moment work is going on to refine the SDS-system into the socalled SDE, Sludge Dewatering Evaporator.

Ragnar Vest


Mob: +298 225587
Mail: fmt@fmt.fo

Ragnar is educated Marine Engineer and has held previously the position as Sales Manager. Ragnar has shipping experience as sailing engineer and Vessel Manager for Lauritzen Kosan. He has been first engineer at Polar Seafood Denmark and Superintendant at Maersk Supply Service. Before Ragnar joined FMT in 2014 he was an operator at SEV Power Plant in the Faroe Islands.

Kaj Joensen

CTO and Founder

Mob: +298 229216
Mail: fmt@fmt.fo

Kaj has a degree in marine engineering and has experienced the difficulties of dealing with oily contaminated bilge water. It is very time consuming to deal with the OWS systems. Therefore he developed a system which could pre-clean the contaminated bilge water before it is led overboard through the OWS. This system was called the Oil Conveyor. The excellent results from the Oil Conveyor lead to a custom request for a system which could dewater oily sludge in an environmentally friendly way. The outcome was the Sludge Dewatering Separator (SDS).

Marner Kjærbo-Veyhe

Service Manager

Mob: +298 221135 
Mail: fmt@fmt.fo

Marner has a degree in electrical engineering and he graduated as AP Graduate in Service Engineering, Electrical. He has work experience from Danish A&O Carstensen and PME EI-Consultance. Marner is ready to answer any questions regarding process matters.

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